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Tara neal dating

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This was the time to make drastic changes and decisions that would make life a lot better because our kids are getting older and were examples for them.Today, we are working together and budgeting is our first priority, and we are not living pay check to pay check.

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How can we explain the joy of realizing that we could pay off our debts and actually be alive to see our mortgage paid off before leaving this world?101 rekindled the flame of hope for our family, a better future, to spend quality time with our growing family because of financial freedom.In November, 2013, we finally jumped onto the 101 financial system and paid off $17,000 of debt within the first month! We were not using our incomes full potential to pay off our debts and minimize the interest monsters.Now being only two months out to our wedding day, we have realized how much this system has changed our perspective on life.We are able to dream again, be able to dream bigger dreams and have a solid plan to reach them."101 financial was introduced to my husband Henny Wasson by his golf friend Jay Toleafoa about three years ago in 2011.

Jay invited Henny and I to come to a 101 workshop, but a full time job, four children, their homework and activities made it nearly impossible for both of us to attend together.

This system is much more than a debt elimination program.

It has given us an opportunity to be educated in finances and because of that, put us in a better position to make decisions for our familys future.

I told Jay if you can get Henny to do 101 and stop him from spending his money foolishly, I will be your best salesperson.

Jay laughed, was very patient, and very understanding because I didnt know anything about 101.

Around October, 2012, Henny finally attended a 101 workshop because we couldnt see our finances improve as fast as we wanted, both of us worked and we had passive income coming in, but we were just existing.