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Food for thought, Your Quadell The guy I mentioned in the OP was actually using a name like Lucious36B or something, to intentionally try to lure men into talking with him.

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In most parts of the Internet (and even to some extent in our enlightened corner of it here) posters treat women and men very differently. Male posters sometimes do not get many responses but a female poster making the same statement will get lots of responses. It wasn't something "pointless to share," it's a question, so I put it in here.I'm not trying to be annoying, I really was curious if there's something to be worried about when someone does this stuff. A girl This is something that has also perplexed me.Then, in many locations the posters there will be more polite to female posters and let them get away with more lapses in nettiquitte than male posters. (My guess on this is that women tend to be helpful to most anyone but us men tend to try harder to help women (and so impress them with our wittiness, charm and technical prowess) than we will to help other men (who we figure if they don't know what is going on they don't belong in our turf.)) Finally, there are a number of (mostly teenage) males on the Internet who are rather desperate to talk to anyone female and some men pretend to be women just to have some fun at their expense.I'm sure there are some other reasons as well but none of them are anything I would be overly concerned about (except maybe the slight tendancy for cruelty displayed in my third case.) tanstaafl (male) ------------------ "Sometimes I think the web is just a big plot to keep people like me away from normal society." --- Dilberttanstaafl, that still doesn't explain the phenomenon of straight men going into cybersex chat rooms and pretending to be women, and cybering with another man. Heck I used to go into cybersex rooms for a while on IRC just for the hell of it, and no one ever believed I was female.I wanted to become known around, and then see if people could tell.

Eventually, though, I just couldn't stand not answering certain questions that would give it away, so the (male) cat got out of the bag.

I think it goes over the line if he's breaking someone's heart who doesn't realize the relationship can never come to anything, and it's truly evil if he's jerking some poor schmoe's chain on purpose.

Guys have a nasty word for that, when girls do it to them in person, and it's the same thing on-line: don't be a tease just because you think it can't catch up with you. Some people take all this message board stuff completely, totally seriously (I'm not naming any names...

------------------ -- From an actual catalog: "Disco balls create an enchanting, dazzling effect of light shafts, adding movement and glamour to any occasion" the Abrams' bris was certainly memorable O p a l C a t ten years ago, I actually did this for about 20 minutes on a MUD.

I think mostly I was curious to see if: - We men really were the testosterone-addled, slavering skirt-chasers that I suspected (Would I get more on-line attention with a female nickname?

When you think about it, most of us have at least slightly different personalities on-line.