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Thailand old and young sex

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It is said that staff had seen him take many young boys up to his apartment over the years and had tolerated this, even if they didn't approve.But then apparently something happened and he had a fight, argument or some sort of altercation with a member of staff and it was that which prompted them to tip off the boys in brown.

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There are a few different issues to examine, but to make it simple, let's separate the issue into the two different age groups, those to who the age of consent of 15 applies, and those to who the age of consent of 18 applies.If the boy was Thai he would in all likelihood be given the chance to marry the girl. But if the boy was not willing to marry her, or the family did not approve of this lad to marry their daughter, the girl's parents would go and see the boy's parents to discuss the issue and try and come up with a suitable .Let's not beat about the bush here, resolution means a cash settlement.But this sort of thing is, to the best of my knowledge, surprisingly uncommon.It has been suggested that the aforementioned paedophile who was extradited last week was caught because he pissed off people in the apartment building he had lived in for many years.One close friend did the dirty with one particular girl a number of times who he truly believed (and to this day still does not know) that she was in her early '20s, when in fact she was only 15 at the time.

She worked in a bar and he barfined her from there. I was later to find out she was underage at that time, and had been working in the bar industry since she was 14!

There's something about the word paedophile that elicits a strongly negative response in people.

Talk of fraudsters, thieves, hell, even the word terrorist does not elicit such a strong reaction.

There is a misconception that if a girl works in a bar, especially a Western owned or managed bar, that she will be of legal age.

Most Western bar owners are careful when hiring staff and wouldn't dream of hiring an underage girl, but there are a few who will take underage girls on, so long as the girl in question is not blatantly obviously underage. If we turn back the clock a few years, one particular Soi Cowboy bar rightfully had the reputation of being something of a paedophile's playground.

Now to Westerners this might all sound like some sort of extortion or blackmail, but the average Thai would not likely see it like that.