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The rules of dating explicit

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Their main components are file extensions separated by periods.The first extension belongs to the dependent, the second to the target.

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A later date is considered greater than an earlier one.For example, the date equivalent of '29-MAR-2005' is less than that of '05-JAN-2006' and '05-JAN-2006 pm' is greater than '05-JAN-2005 am'.The following subsections describe the two measures.A single target can have more than one explicit rule.To specify more than a single explicit rule, use a double colon (::) after the target name.The following example shows targets with multiple rules and commands: An implicit rule specifies a general rule for how MAKE should build files that end with specific file extensions.

Implicit rules start with either a path or a period.

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While the dependency line has a different syntax for explicit and implicit rules, the command line syntax stays the same for both rule types.

MAKE supports multiple dependency lines for a single target, and a single target can have multiple command lines.

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