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The Eurobike is an important industry meeting for all market participants in the bicycle industry from Asia, America and Europe.Recent trends and innovations from the two wheeler scene ar shown and presented here.

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Industry sectors: Energy, Environment, Solar Industry, …The Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair (ADTF) is an international trade fair dedicated exclusively to loose polished diamonds.The fair will have a new name, Brilli Ant®, at its next edition in 2017.Germany is a fast growing educational hub in the world, mainly preferred for its value of quality education and research.It was the home to some of the renowned researchers like Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Alexander von Humboldt, Albert Einstein, Max Planck and so on.Most of these degree programs are offered without, or with minimal, any tuition fee.

In the recent years, there has been a rapid increase in English programs, particularly at Masters’ levels.

The Eurobike takes place annually, and therefore for the 26th time previsibly in September 2018 in Friedrichshafen.

Product groups: bicycle accessories, bicycle tool, Bicycles, BMX, cycling clothing, electric bikes, helmets, mountain biking, repair equipment, …

The Antwerp diamond district’s leading firms , and due to low participation, various foreign firms , exhibit high quality natural diamonds of a variety of cuts and sizes, from white diamonds to natural fancy colour diamonds.

Buyers from jewellery manufacturers and retailers visit the show to source stones and to re-stock.

G Pollitts on 01392 496900 or via email – [email protected] – 30th September – 8th October 2017 2 Bis, Rue St Sauveur, F-93350 Le Bourget Seine-Saint-Denit Île-de-France, France https:// more information in the please call the office on 01484 861100 or email [email protected] 2017 Wellhouse Leisure will be attending the NEC show in Birmingham in October 2017.