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and there are no signs that this trend will end any time soon.

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It’s like you hate the idea that you might have missed out on viewing something better that would have left you as satisfied as you expect.They might watch something entirely different and thoroughly enjoy it.The same thing is going to happen if you have a ‘type’, especially as it’s likely to be a toxic type (one you’ve yet to have a successful relationship with but you insist it’s what you need) or if you’re holding people to an ‘ex standard’ – er… They’re just not Striving to be with someone with bigger breasts, or more hair, or who has more money, more status, who gives you eight orgasms a week instead of five isn’t really going to lead to relationship satisfaction.Surfing through dating and relationships will leave you at a loss.Be satisfied with and value you, so that you can relax into your interactions instead of looking over your shoulder. Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way.Ever tried to have a conversation with someone or do something where your mind is elsewhere, or you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, or evaluating and analysing things?

Your mind isn’t where it’s supposed to be – in the present.

I’ve had many dating and relationship ‘surfers’ get in touch with me.

They’ve spent their time worrying about making a wrong move and thinking, and they haven’t really got anything to show for it, except for instead of being perennially dissatisfied with whether they can do better, they now feel dissatisfied with being dissatisfied, plus they become regretful and may even convince themselves that one of these people was ‘The One’.

Next thing the whole evening has gone by and you’ve not really watched anything.

Then you think something that you skipped over earlier and then you end up feeling dissatisfied about not choosing that as well.

to only show advertisements that you’ll find relevant to your interests), but the scary thing is that these profiles can be used to compile your browsing history.