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What did he mean with 'keep her' and witch kind of 'training' was he meaning and most important what the hell was the ADS. Benson heavily petting Bettina, and she added when Bettina's hands finally started to fight back "cut her off." For Bettina the air in the room was gone.

The more infrared it gets the less your muscles work.." Bettina fall on the floor fighting for air and making strange noises.Perhaps she was ill, or worse ...pregnant or even worse...Bettina was now 36 years old and with her 135 pounds perfectly distributed over her 5 feet 6 inch body she was an impressive woman. With a Wool-Lycra composition it was gray, with light blue stripes.It was then when she decided to pay a visit to the school. Benson himself had shown the whole school, the dorms, the kitchen to them and other new comers and all of them ceremoniously drunk the school's welcome tea. When driving home she and Kate were sure it was the best option, even they would only meet on weekends.But now, the first weekend, Kate was not coming, and worse she hadn't heard a single word from Kate since Monday.They introduced her to their daughters Christy and Alisa, two pretty teenagers and to their son Greg.

Vicky Shake, a lovely woman, explained that not only her kids were at the school but also she and her husband were ex-students.

Benson did a little pause and carried on " Kate is new to our methodology and she has got difficulties with the ADS.

So I've decided to keep her here or even at my home to reinforce her training" Bettina wasn't understanding nothing.

Add to that the way that real-life lesbians are often seen as irrational or man-hating by straight people of both genders as well as gay men, and it begins to look like a Discredited Trope.

The Psycho Lesbian will often be a villainess for a Hide Your Lesbians couple; two women who care for each other but don't actually say it out loud. See Heteronormative Crusader for when another character considers a lesbian to be psycho simply for being lesbian.

Bettina Anderson, still topless on hands and knees into the room. It was a classroom, clearly divided into two sections.