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The canister, which was equipped with tracking devices and an onboard camera, reached a maximum altitude of approximately 17.2 miles (27.7 kilometers) before falling back to Earth.King posted a video of the entire flight, which included footage of preparation work beforehand, on Youtube.


Under windy conditions (with wind chill), occasionally the condensation will freeze on the outside of the dome.The image presets are reviewed every morning during our morning snow reporting procedures and reviewed throughout the business day as needed.For peak views and conditions, please refer to our Eagle cam.Our cameras run 24 hours a day and automatically updates every 5 minutes with a new image (based on our current connection).Our system is one camera per location which pans to different areas based on the location presets which we select.King, who has worked on balloon experiments before and is a Ham Radio operator in her spare time, came up with the idea to turn her tube into a high-altitude balloon experiment. "I wanted to build on my previous experiences and to honor and thank MIT by doing something cool and conducting this balloon mission of my own." The entire project took about three weeks to plan and execute prior to the launch, she added. The entire flight lasted about two hours, she said.

"I decided to do this project because I just thought it would be fun. King's sky high acceptance letter is the latest example of do-it-yourself balloon experiments. "We traveled to Lumpkin for the launch because we wanted to launch from an ideal location from which the winds would carry the payload to land in a farmland region, rather than somewhere like a dense forest or a swamp," said King, who is from Columbus, Ga.

Een van onze andere doelen was om ook de detectiekans van hermelijnen binnen en buiten de Mostela vast te leggen.

We hebben in korte tijd veel informatie kunnen winnen en vragen kunnen beantwoorden, waar we al een tijdlang mee liepen.

It mounts effortlessly onto your motorcycle helmet and captures full scope of your fun with a 125-degree field of view and dual internal and external mics.

Picture this: You're a senior in high school and you just got accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Seventeen-year-old Erin King of Georgia aimed high … King sent a tube containing her MIT acceptance letter on a high-flying balloon ride to near-space.

In mei 2017 ging de SKM op stap naar het Otter-Zentrum in Duitsland om daar te mogen experimenteren met de Mostela-methode.