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Tupac and left eye dating

There are the scars on her forearm that spell HATE—Lopez cut the letters with a disposable razor, in part to obscure the LOVE that she had carved before.

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The first thing I thought when meeting Lopes was how small she was.I was a TLC fan before I started writing professionally, and one of my first assignments, after being hired by Entertainment Weekly, was to cover the opening of TLC’s troubled “Fan Mail” tour.(You can read what I wrote here.) A couple of years later, I spent the day with Lisa for a Honey magazine cover story.The next week, I had to cover Lisa’s funeral at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.It was a mob scene of media and mourners, from brokenhearted fans to celebrities like Usher, Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston.My daylong interview with Lopes for a "Honey" magazine cover story took place in the condo where she was staying in Jersey City, N. The place was all white walls and emptiness save for two notable things: There were 26 dozen red roses --- sent by on-again, off-again boyfriend Andre Rison to commemorate the first time the couple heard her solo single "The Block Party" on the radio.

And on the floor of her sparsely furnished bedroom sat a black-and-white painting of a supernova with the words "A new star is born.

Lopes actually started the film during a 2002 "spiritual journey" to Honduras, where she'd hoped to make peace with her many demons. Releasing the documentary—including the footage of Lopes's last few seconds—was a wrenching, but ultimately satisfying, decision for her family.

But bad luck seemed to follow her like a dark cloud, and it flew with her to Honduras, too. "It gives us a chance to be with her again, and I think that outweighs the pain of seeing some of the unpleasant moments," says Lisa's brother, Ronald, who adds that VH1 wanted to use more film of the accident, but the family vetoed that.

I have such a frenzied rush of impressions from that day.

But one of the things that I remember most clearly about the “homegoing” ceremony is this reading from Psalm 25: 1-7: "Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions: according to thy mercy, remember thou me for thy goodness' sake, O Lord.” I thought this was so fitting for the once-troubled young woman who, toward the end of her life, only sought peace.

This is what the solo album meant to her --- a chance to remake herself, to change her public image, to experience a creative rebirth.