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Two virgos dating

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This match is highly dependent on how other planets are placed their respective birth charts.

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Dear Gemini and Scorpio, For your accurate personalized and in-depth astrology compatibility, check out the astrology compatibility report.She knows what she wants in life and can handle any situation as need arise.She wouldn’t stop short until she understands the Gemini man completely.Gemini (May 21 to June 21) and Scorpio (October 24 to November 21) match is volatile, highly unstable and passionate at its best.Ever wonder what happens when two completely opposite people come together?Gemini’s also get possessive but not as much as the Scorpio.

It’s very difficult to carry these scorpio and gemini relationship long term unless they are both ready to communicate on every level.

Get ready for a volatile combination of passion and love on the level of pure desire.

Scorpio Gemini love can start on the level of unconditional love and end being very selfish. They almost feel like meeting an alien, one who is so different from their personality.

Gemini is curious about everything under the sun and they get bored soon to move on to something else.

While scorpio follows his curiosity till the end, until he gets the answer he wants.

While the curious Scorpio finds Gemini one of the most challenging person to understand (twins at play here), he’s amazed at how easy and relax life is for a Gemini. Scorpio and Gemini both have curiosity over human behavior and thus have a lot common to talk about.