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Typical dating timeline

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I don't really have an average timeline, because when I was just dating for fun, the timeline varied vs when I was ready for an actual relationship. Course, we spent every night together after our second date. And the rainbows of the world shine down upon us as we frolic in the glory of everything that is French." -The Love Of My Life.I guess in a way I forced her to agree since we were half-naked and already completely hot for each other. I'm fortunate that none of the women I dated in the past were sleeping with others while sleeping with me.They all acknowledged that they needed more time to be exclusive, and agreed they would not sleep with other men while they are sleeping with me.I feel like the guy I'm interested in and I have had an atypical experience already, but I want some "average" experiences to compare to.So, how much physical intimacy do you allow in the first few dates or first few months?When you are in your 40s, you don't wait 1year to have sex.

You know you have a strong attraction, that you really really REAAAAALY like the other person and see yourself with them long term, think about them 24/7 maybe (I know I do), but not sure if that is really "LOVE".

I know this can vary from person to person, but I haven't dated in really seven years.

What is sort of the typical experience for dating someone new?

At what point would you start thinking about exclusivity?

Is there a difference between being "exclusive" and labeling yourselves "boyfriend/girlfriend"? I think the difference is announcing it to the world and introducing each other publicly as an item, as well as announcing to each other intention to commit to building a serious long term relationship with each other.

This current relationship is: Kiss 1st date, sex-exclusivity-BF/GF 2nd date, and I LOVE YOU 5th date.