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The Warburg method is described in detail in the text, along with remedies for diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis and decreasing prostate cancer risk to name a few.

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Boys: The FBI found five symbols pedophiles use to indicate their preferences.You see, good health is becoming a rare commodity in contemporary times.Processed foods, stressful living and environmental toxins are all playing a role in actively reducing our health and longevity.There, Nazi officials ordered an elite group of German industrialists to plan for Germany's post-war recovery, prepare for the Nazis' return to power and work for a 'strong German empire'. The three-page, closely typed report, marked 'Secret', copied to British officials and sent by air pouch to Cordell Hull, the US Secretary of State, detailed how the industrialists were to work with the Nazi Party to rebuild Germany's economy by sending money through Switzerland. The industrialists included representatives of Volkswagen, Krupp and Messerschmitt.They would set up a network of secret front companies abroad. Officials from the Navy and Ministry of Armaments were also at the meeting and, with incredible foresight, they decided together that the Fourth German Reich, unlike its predecessor, would be an economic rather than a military empire - but not just German.Cancer is becoming par for the course, as are other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

The current solutions to these health problems are generally drugs, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery which at best are a stall and typically have devastating effects on the body.

Pedophile promotion symbol: This is the Childlove Online Media Activism logo, which pedophiles use as a symbol to promote their 'cause': that sexual relationships between adults and minors should be decriminalized Anna Potter, associate executive director of the Bivona Child Advocacy Center in Rochester, New York, told WHEC News: 'When I see that heart inside the heart, it’s pedophile.

The paper is aged and fragile, the typewritten letters slowly fading.

However, these are not the only solutions, as claimed by Natural Health Response.

Brad Lemley has been a medical researcher for 35 years and in his experience he has become into contact with health information that has not been made available to the general public.

He became so disillusioned with the pharmaceutical and medical industry; he decided to take it on himself to set up a think tank to bring proven, natural disease therapies to the common man.