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Updating a brick house

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Both porches and driveways are a focal feature of a home’s exterior, and can create a statement and add kerb appeal from the street.Find out everything you need to know to improve your home’s exterior, no matter your budget, whilst also adding value to your property.

They are ideal for a more traditional look, offering a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to building with natural stone.Highly weather-resistant, it can be easily cleaned, moulded and fitted.Timber boarding suits contemporary and some period properties.Hardwoods, like oak, chestnut or larch, can be left to weather naturally or sealed with a fire-retardant coating.Fibre-cement weatherboarding, being a composite, is long-lasting, won’t twist or warp over time, is fire-resistant, frost-proof, comes pre-finished, needs minimal maintenance (an annual hose down will do) and won’t rust or rot.PVCu cladding is one of the most inexpensive options.

Coloured or wood-effect PVCu is comparable in price to timber boarding.

Metal is an expensive option but is low-maintenance and weather-resistant.

It can come painted, powder-coated, pre-aged or coated to preserve its finish.

Shiplap boarding has straight tongue-and-groove edges, while feather-edged boarding overlaps and has irregular edges.

Softwoods, such as pine or spruce, are the cheapest option.

Virtually impervious to weather, it can also be cleaned very easily.