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Updating codecs on xbox 360

updating codecs on xbox 360-13

So the general advice is to install WME, load a Div X/Xvi D file, try to encode it to WMV and if you get the "invalid or corrupt data was encountered" error, try the following steps involving K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

Go ahead and re-select the folders that contain the videos you want to stream to the Xbox 360.Sometimes the Div X/Xvi D codec can get in the way of WME.You should probably check the "H.264" checkbox and also select "ffdshow" as the coder (see screenshot below), as this will allow you to convert H.264 files to WMV (although the Xbox 360 does have native support for H.264).Start the installation process, and K-Lite will detect more codecs and filters on your system that it recommends you remove - do so and uninstall all the software it asks you (it will replace them with a set of codecs and filters that will be more compatible with WME).Scroll down a bit to the "Direct Show video filter" section, and for both the "Xvi D" and "Div X options , select "ffdshow" to use it as the default decoder.Anyway, after wasting more of my time, I was able to figure out how to get my MP4 files playing on the Xbox 360 again!

For anyone out there with the same problem, I hope this helps you.

Let Windows Media Player go ahead and re-create the database library of your media collection.

Step 6: Once it’s done, go to the Services console again and this time right-click and choose Restart on the WMP Network Sharing service. Now you should go to your Xbox 360 and browse the folders again.

You can leave the other options alone if you wish, since the default profile will cover most types of playback (mainly using ffdshow and Media Player Classic).

Press "Next" on in the installer until you get to the "Select Additional Tasks" section, I would recommend not selecting the AVI or WMV formats under the "Make Media Player Classic the default player for" section - letting Windows Media Player handle these formats is better for testing purposes (to test if the source and output is at the very least playable in WMP).

Firstly, it took quite a bit of time to figure out how to stream MP4 and video files to the Xbox 360 using Windows Media Player, but once I did, it was great because I could watch all my movies, TV shows, etc. Then came some system update in April and now my Xbox 360 doesn’t see MP4 files anymore.