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Updating data in pivot table

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That data is called the pivotcache and therefore if you update all the pivotcache's in your worksheet then however many pivottables feed off from that will automatically be refreshed. My test data for the original pivot table is range A1: G12.

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To illustrate how this works, let's change some source data, and then refresh the pivot table. Now let's change the City name from Minneapolis to St. When we refresh the pivot table, we see a new row for St.I manually have to change the data source for each pivot table before running the macro (it then works successfully) This is the code so far Sub Refresh Pivottables() Dim wks As Worksheet, PT As Pivot Table For Each wks In Worksheets For Each PT In wks. Refresh Table Next PT Next wks End Sub Is there a way of extending the data ranges for each pivot table in my code before refreshing, so I don't need to do this manually?What is the most efficient way to solve this problem? Hi, I would first make one correction in that your pivot table data source should select the entire column - then when you add new data to the bottom the refreshed pivot table will pick this new data up automatically.If the data of the source sheet has been changed, Libre Office recalculates the pivot table.To recalculate the table, choose Data - Pivot Table - Refresh.Screen Updating = False lng Cache Count = Application. I have now added ten rows to the data so the new range is A1: G22, but the additional data is not picked up with your code or with mine. I have the week number formula in the data range already.

When you refresh data, the data in the Power Pivot window is replaced with new data.

Do the same after you have imported an Excel pivot table into Libre Office Calc.

Hi Everyone, I have a number of pivot tables on different sheets in an excel workbook.

If you keep adding new columns for each week or something similar then I definitely suggest restructuring your data so that you have a week or month number column that captures this and populate that rather than having to adjust the data source each time.

Next you need to understand that if you have two pivottables that use the same data source then actually you only need to refresh one lot of data. Screen Updating = True End Sub Hi Jake, This doesn't seem to work.

You cannot import just new rows of data or just changed data.