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Updating fedlog on hard drive

They check to see if the item is in stock, if so it will be pulled and issued to your unit from the stock there.If not, the info is sent forward to a system that determines where it is and gets it to you.

make sure for your searches the little tank icon on top is clicked as that separates the Army data, otherwise you may dig up items that are only in the AF system or have to wade through a whole lot more to find what you need.If you understand the system you can make it work for you.All orders and requests start at your unit supply at whatever level has your DODAC, usually the company level.I am making this the simple version, you QM guys don’t have a heart attack if I mess up a few details.The clerk first enters the order usually on ULLS S-4 or ULLS-G (Now SAMS-E), but it can still be done on the old style paper forms as well and this does happen on deployments.Garand_Shooters Guide to how the Army Supply System Works (And how to make it work for you!

)One of the biggest headaches when deployed is not getting what you need, and not understanding why.

The first thing you should do is ask your supply guy to look at his document register, and see if your item is on it.

But in this modern era you can check without asking online using LOGSA

Find the DODAC for your SSA and run it the same way as you ran your own with the NIIN.

See where the SSA ordered the same item on the same day (or in rare cases next day)?

When you do a NSN search, here is the screen you will get if it is a current item (screens containing different items can be selected up top, included descriptions).