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Updating garmin nuvi 750

The reason Garmin do this is to ensure that new customers and owners of their GPS products have the most up to date maps from the point they first purchase the Nuvi product. Despite the fact the Nuvi 750 is one of Garmin’s older GPS products; you can still get map updates for the unit.

So there you go, I can confirm in my case that being on Firmware 5.30 and trying to go to 5.40 Dashboard is not recognizing it and you need to use Webupdater. My nuvi 760 OTOH is detected and shows the update as normal..figure. It's tried and proven and does what it's supposed to do without confusion.We will now tell you about all the different Nuvi sat nav update options that are available, plus how much you will need to pay and which will best suit you.If you want a free Garmin map update then there are certain criteria you will need to satisfy in order to get a free download.It might lessen the cost of developing and maintaining multi-platform applications. But when I shut down Nuvi with power button and then turn it on again I get no reaction from Nuvi at all. The only significant problem I have heard about is that the Language Guide app is broken and this affects only a small handful of people who have the paid subscription version of the Language Guide. I've only driven about 15 miles so far, but I'm optimistic. Related to this, I have always wondered why Garmin called the app Web Updater, since it is an installed client based app and not browser based ... Since it has been over a year and Garmin has given us no indication that they intend to fix this, I do not look for any additional software updates on this series. You will probably never see it listed on the Garmin site again. I knew about webupdater but did not have it on the machine I was using at the time and so I was in the middle of downloading it when I went to check if anyone had commented on my comment.

So it is now downloaded on this machine and is acknowledging a 5.40 update which I am doing now....

The official name for this upgrade is the nu Maps Guarantee – to become eligible you will need to firstly register your Nuvi GPS on the Garmin website mapping section.

Put simply, if you register your sat nav within ninety days (or three months) of it first receiving a satellite section – so in other words from the first time you used it – then you can get a free Nuvi map update.

I agree with this statement and wish Garmin would just drop my Dashboard as a software update method (and get rid of Lifetime map updater while they are at it). Probably it is better to do all firmware updates with card removed and then after it's all done and working fine reinstall card. I've only driven about 15 miles so far, but I'm optimistic.

Unfortunately I am suspicious that over time Garmin will phase out Webupdater in favor of my Dashboard. Thanks for the heads up, I just upgraded from a working 5.3 to the new 5.4. I thought I was updating Basecamp & I updated my 760 by not reading the messages that popped up.

It is possible to buy Garmin map updates in the shops and retail outlets on CD but the immediacy of being able to download a new GPS map is much more convenient.