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Updating maps on nuvi 350

updating maps on nuvi 350-15

It weighs just over five ounces making it one of the lightest GPS devices in its class and is less than one inch thick.

updating maps on nuvi 350-1

If you are extremely tough on devices, the frame on this Nuvi does flex a little bit more than other similar devices, however I’ve never heard of that actually becoming an issue for anyone.So you should have no trouble getting a quick signal, and one that will stay locked on even in areas where older GPS devices might have found challenging.You will also find that the Nuvi 350 is very light and compact.For example “Auto Services” is near the very bottom of the list. Then you can select from a list of types of food and the GPS will search for a list of restaurants in the category of food you are looking for.The list is sorted by how close each location is to you.Selecting one of the POIs will show the street address and phone number of the location.

Just like after finding an address you can either click the Go button to be routed there, save the location to your favorites, or show the location on the map.

While navigating text will be displayed across the top of the screen telling you your current/next instruction like “Main Street to I-95″ if you are currently driving on main street and your next turn is onto I-95.

What I don’t like is that in many cases there is no indication of which direction your next turn is directly on this screen if you forget what the voice said.

Hi JA Customer, Free Map updates are only available for the first 60 or 90 days you have owned the unit.

You will have to purchase updated maps for North America.

Typing in the name of the state seems like a huge pain. No biggie, but it did catch me off guard the first few times.