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While the eleventh century saw the emergence of the first universities, women were, for the most part, excluded from university education.

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If we do, we will leave a link to download the texture pack here and give you credit!During the period of the Babylonian civilization, around 1200 B.C., two perfumeresses named Tapputi-Belatekallim and -ninu (first half of her name lost) were able to obtain the essences from plants by using extraction and distillation procedures.Women contributed to the proto-science of alchemy in the first or second centuries AD.During the Middle Ages, convents were an important place of education for women, and some of these communities provided opportunities for women to contribute to scholarly research.Marie Curie, the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize in 1903 (physics), went on to become a double Nobel Prize recipient in 1911 (chemistry), both for her work on radiation.

Forty women have been awarded the Nobel Prize between 19.

The first known woman to earn a university chair in a scientific field of studies, was eighteenth-century Italian scientist, Laura Bassi.

Although gender roles were largely defined in the eighteenth century, women experienced great advances in science.

The study of natural philosophy in ancient Greece was open to women.

Recorded examples include Aglaonike, who predicted eclipses; and Theano, mathematician and physician, who was a pupil (possibly also wife) of Pythagoras, and one of a school in Crotone founded by Pythagoras, which included many other women.

The early parts of the European Middle Ages, also known as the Dark Ages, were marked by the decline of the Roman Empire.