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Updating os x 10 3 9

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Force Touch is available on the Apple Watch, the new 13- and 15-inch Retina Mac Book Pros and the 12-inch Retina Mac Book, but in the future, it may be a staple feature in all Apple products.Apple's already introduced Force Touch APIs for third-party Mac apps, so we'll also be seeing apps that take advantage of the feature in the near future.

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We have a dedicated OS X 10.11 forum, where users discuss their thoughts on the new operating system, showcase new discoveries, and share bugs and issues they're experiencing.For Japanese users, there are four new Japanese fonts and a dramatic improvement for entering Japanese text.El Capitan includes an enhanced vocabulary and improved language engine, automatically transforming Hiragana into written Japanese and eliminating the need to press the space bar for individual word conversions.It was created specifically for small displays with extra spacing between each letter to increase legibility on the wrist, but as it turns out, it also looks fantastic on the Retina screens of i Phones and Macs.On a large screen, it can sometimes be difficult to locate a small cursor, especially when waking a Mac.El Capitan has the same general look as Yosemite, but it includes a new systemwide font -- San Francisco.

OS X's window management feature, Mission Control, has also been revamped in the new operating system, introducing a new Split View feature that mirrors the i OS 9 multitasking feature on the i Pad and allows for two full-screen apps to be used at the same time side-by-side.

In El Capitan, there's a new cursor feature that causes the cursor to grow larger when you move your finger back and forth on a trackpad or shake a connected mouse so you can see right where it is on the screen.

In El Capitan, there's a new Notification Center widget for the "Find My Friends" app, allowing people to access the locations of their friends more quickly.

With El Capitan, Apple focused on two major areas: user experience and performance.

Improvements to window management, apps, and Spotlight search enhance the way we use our Macs, while under-the-hood additions like Metal graphics technology make everyday activities like launching apps faster.

Along with Force Touch, there are a lot of new tools for Safari.