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Updating storymill on a new computer

updating storymill on a new computer-22

Since I have and like Mac Journal (using it now to write this entry! Now my thoughts were, what can this thing do that Mac Journal or Neo Office can’t? My word processor and some folders can do anything Storymill can do.

Now why would I need program X, I’d always say, when I have a word processor? Then I got an email from Mariner Software about Storymill, which is their program X.I can see myself using Story Mill to write and organize, but at the same time it falls into the previous entry’s issue with too many programs taking notes.In the end I still need to be properly organized with my information so that it can be found.Like me, your techno-pencil case probably consists primarily of Microsoft Word, or if you're down with the open-source crew, something like Open Office. Is there a program out there that's ready and waiting to change the way you write forever?It's possible, and some of the alternatives are certainly worth experimenting with.It would be nice if i could link say a research entry in Storymill with a journal entry in Mac Journal so it was updated from either program. in the end it is all about how you work, how you use these things.

In the end, the words on the screen are the important part, now how many bells your software has (well, unless you are writing software, but that is another post I suppose).

This will help keep you from having a character in two places at once. Say you have a daily goal of 1000 words, or writing for 20 minutes?

You put that in, and the meter up top will let you know when you get to your goal.

Presentation and packaging which has to be the software equivalent of “Location, Location, Location.” Storymill provides a single user interface for writing of scenes, which are then grouped into chapters, of character bios, place descriptions, even outside research.

All of these can be tagged, marked and labeled with ‘1st draft“, ”final draft“ etc. You just click on the characters tab and find him and there he is.

And you can unsubscribe at any time, no problem at all. As you know, I also edit the relatively new and doing-very-well-thank-you, Websites for writers [Note: Site no longer active].