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Validating cross racial identity scale

Foster, helped Bill forge a connection between psychology and African American Studies.

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In 2016, Vandiver had the honor of being appointed Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Black Psychology, a premier journal focused on the psychological issues of Black peoples across various disciplines. is one of America's leading theorists and researchers on black identity development in particular, and racial-ethnic identity development in general.He attended Roosevelt University for MA level studies in clinical psychology and after completing all course requirements and a clinical internship, he worked for two years at a state mental hospital.Vandiver will be honored with the award this August at the APA Convention in Washington D. The primary focus of Vandiver’s research is on cultural issues, with a specific emphasis on skill development, Black racial identity, gender issues, and special issues of Black populations.She is one of the most prominent scholars in the country on the important issues of culturally appropriate scale development and validation, race and gender identity development, and multicultural theory.For over 20 years, Vandiver has been the primary researcher and statistician in the creation and validation of the Cross Racial Identity Scale (CRIS). William Cross originally developed the theory behind the CRIS, Nigrescence theory, in 1971.

The CRIS was the first and currently only racial identity measure for African Americans.

Vandiver's professional contributions have previously been recognized nationally.

She is a founding Fellow of Division 5, Evaluation, Measurement, & Statistics of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Cross, Jr., Lectures Series was created as part of the Annual Conference on Cross-Cultural Issues in Counseling and Education, sponsored by the Counseling Education Program at Georgia Southern State University. Cross was elected President-Elect for Division 45 of the American Psychological Association, where he follows in the footsteps of Robert Sellers, Justin Mc Donald, and Luis Vasquez.

For a brief period Bill lived in Henderson, NV; where he accepted a position at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in Counselor Education.

Together they designed, tested and validated the Cross-Racial-Identity-Scale [CRIS], one of the most important and exemplary measures used by Division 45 scholars.