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I wasn’t successful at all, so I started looking at other opportunities like home-shares.The trouble is that I’m going to turn 34 in one week, and I feel like I want to have my own place, not live with people that are like my parents.

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I never believed such change was possible — I only wish that my husband and I had gone for such specialized counselling years ago.Perhaps you go to bed making sure you don’t touch one another, or intentionally go to bed at different times, or maybe you don’t even sleep together anymore.You may have been to couples therapy or sex therapy before and perhaps things got better in your relationship as a result.If you are experiencing any relationship or sexual problem, call Dr. She will chat with you by phone to sort out the best course of action for you!Even if you are single or your partner is not willing to join you in couples therapy or sex therapy, it’s worth coming in…My inability to have intercourse and the pain I was having were ruining my life. Rucker helped me find the right gynecologist and a pelvic physiotherapist to help me. - Samantha, aged 23, with vulvar vestibululodynia We provide therapy to people of all ages — from young adult to senior and every age in between.

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I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get a place in September 2017, but just in case I don’t, I’ve moved to Vancouver to improve my English.

I never knew that it would be so hard to find a place to live in this city—and that potential roommates could be so creepy. I thought I’d be out of the house within a week, but I had to extend it.

It wasn’t great, but because there was nothing else available, I had to move in. I stayed there for a while, and eventually it was obvious that my roommate and I were a bad fit and I needed to find somewhere new.

This time I put up another “wanted” ad, but with my picture.

I’d heard that it would be tough to find a home in Vancouver, but I was convinced that I’d make it. Every minute I had free, I had to be on the internet.