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Virgo and dating

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For this reason, the sign diametrically opposite your own, i.e.

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Not saying we MASSIVELY over-think things but if you come shopping with us and we have to make a decision between a black-fringed tote and a beige-fringed tote, don't expect it to involve any less time and consideration than say, a global peace process talk.4. Not sure what's worse: the fact that we genuinely this self-critical.5. Probably best not to watch Comic Relief with a Virgo. Yeah, to YOU it seems like a waste of time spending twenty-five minutes proofreading one Facebook status. And therefore the best friend you could ever hope for – unless someone crosses us: we will end you.8. People have to understand that no matter how well they do something (make a cuppa, organise a holiday, paint a room, hey, even open a door) we will always be safe in the knowledge we could have done it better. Of all the Star Signs, Sagittarius is probably the worst possible compatibility match for Virgo.Due to its extreme diligence and conscientiousness, Virgos may find it harder than just about anyone else to cope with Sagittarius’s happy-go-lucky, maverick lifestyle. Which Star Signs does Virgo get along with most easily?What are the best – and the worst – compatibility matches for Virgo? Virgo Compatibility While Virgo’s practicality and helpfulness make it an easy Star Sign to live with, some people have a hard time getting along with its highly developed critical faculties.There may also be lesser compatibility challenges with the signs spaced at 150° (or 5 signs) from Virgo, i.e. Although traditionally considered to be ‘awkward’, and involving signs in conflicting elements, 150° relationships aren’t necessarily quite as bad, however, as they might appear.

Okay, these combinations may not be your first choice, but neither should they be your last.

Virgo’s critical tendencies are less likely to upset people when it has sweetly forgiving Pisces by its side.

Neighboring Star Signs Although Virgo is quite different from its immediate neighbors, LEO and LIBRA, in reality it can relate quite well to – and frequently enjoys quite a good level of compatibility with – these Star Signs.

This is because people whose Sun sign is Virgo often have Mercury or Venus – which can never be far from the Sun – in the preceding or following signs of Leo or Libra.

Many Virgo-Leo or Virgo-Libra couples will therefore embody a number of each other’s characteristics and have far more in common than you might initially expect.

Especially with a Virgo of the opposite sex, the chances are you’ll be strongly attracted to their best Virgoan qualities – like their intelligence, efficiency and surprising modesty.