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Washburn guitar dating

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Find “WD10” to identify your guitar as part of the series of the same name.

These also have rosewood fretboards, but the electro-acoustic models have MET-A07 preamps.Find “74” in your model name to indicate a single-cut, bolt-on neck.Most other necks are single-cut set necks, but any other variations will be evident when looking into your specific series.Thanks to many selfless contributors this section has grown considerably, and for this we are grateful. we are sure there are people coming here that DO have this information. If you are a catalog/guitar collector and have catalogs/slicks covering these guitars we emplore you to contribute as this will only increase the value of your holdings.We have recieved literally thousands of requests for information on models not currently covered here. It's our hope that people will come forward with specifications, years offered, options, and even images or catalog/slick scans and the like to help build this archive.The goal here is to compile that information before it is lost forever.

You can contact us HERE regading contributions to this archive, or if you have corrections.

Find a “D” in the model number to verify that the guitar has a “dreadnought”-style body, which are standard, large acoustic guitar bodies.

As well as this, if there is a “12” in the model name, it indicates that the guitar is a 12-string model.

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Washburn Guitars has a storied history that started in Chicago in 1883.

The electro-acoustic models in this series have Fishman preamps.