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I took that as a sign to continue and thrust into her a few more times until I boiled over. I started fucking her, and she eagerly fucked back at me.I grunted and ground my dick into her ass, nestling it firmly between her cheeks while I shot my load. I spasmed seven or eight times, cumming more than I ever had in my life. "I was kinda hoping to get laid tonight," she smiled. " I couldn't believe she just asked me to fuck her! She leaned back against the countertop, and I started pounding into her.

We were both sweating, but it was a good kind of sweat. There was no doubt about it, we were going to fuck each other's brains out tonight. She could barely get around, and the mask was huge, she looked like a giant stuffed doll. She always let me try her drinks, even though our parents didn't like me drinking underage. I wondered why she had stopped, and then began to realize I had an erection. "I just didn't know if you were...hard, you know, because you needed to." I had never been more embarrassed in my life. " Just then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.I was wearing some stupid alien outfit that I had found in our attic. "Just waiting the party out." She handed me her drink. It was lodged firmly between her ass cheeks, with only my boxers and her panties between us. I felt her ass move a bit, probably to see if it really was my dick pressed against her. Then, a few moments after she had stopped, she started walking again. "You look like you need to...relieve youself." I couldn't believe what she said. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to..know." She shook her head. She took it off right in front of me, and threw it aside.She was always watching what she ate, and she probably had the best body I had ever seen because of it. She adjusted to the feel of both of us inside the suit. The feel of her body crushed against mine was starting to turn me on.She wore this big tiger suit to the party, which was way too big for her. Suddenly Erin stopped walking, and just stood there. I'm's not you..." "Well of course it's me," she said.I glanced up at her, and she nodded as if she read my mind.

Then she watched in eager anticipation, waiting for me to cum. I felt her breasts crushed against my chest, and her hands roamed up and down my back.

Erin traced her finger lightly up and down my chest, and smiled. I leaned forward and kissed her for the first time.

She seemed to enjoy kissing me, and I enjoyed feeling her breasts while we kissed.

"But I'm not wearing much under here either." She shrugged. " I took another look at her panties, and the shapely ass inside of them, and immediately took the suit off, glancing around to make sure no one could see us.

"You'll have to unzip me, I couldn't get it on by myself either." I pulled the zipper down, and saw that she was wearing only a bra and panties underneath the costume. Erin waited for me to finish unzipping, and then she must have remembered what she was wearing. It gets so hot in here, and I figured I wouldn't be taking it off anyway." I didn't know if she still wanted me to climb in or not, so I didn't do anything. "Go ahead and get in, I won't back out now." I pulled the zipper all the way down to where it ended just above her ass, and stepped into the costume behind her. "Take your alien suit off, there's no way you'll get in here with that." I hesitated.

She sat on the toilet, her eyes wandering to my crotch. Erin finished and washed her hands, and then came back over to me. I had the suit covering me, but it was obvious she was looking where my erection was. I was too shocked to argue, and I instantly complied. She felt much warmer too, and as we adjusted to each other again, I know I felt her move herself against me more sensually. It felt great, and I was already so hot from seeing her naked that I felt my loins stir. She was so hot and wet, before I knew it I was all the way in.