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By 1852 he had been appointed a magistrate of the colony.His will, dated 22 April 1837, referred to several properties on the Hawkesbury, Wollombi and Hunter, and in and around Maitland, as well as to 'allotments on the South Heads Road, and situate at Waverley Terrace'.

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He married Catherine Broughton, daughter of John Howe, of Windsor, by whom he had four sons and six daughters; after Catherine died he married Emily Agnes Williams, by whom he had five sons and two daughters.Later in the season, Joe's eagerness and support turns out to be more than that of a typical parent's interest in seeing their children do well. Mc Coy is very controlling of JD's life and tries to restrict JD from being exposed to anything that he views as a distraction. As Season 3 progresses, it becomes clear that JD is a better QB than Matt Saracen. goes to a party, meets Madison Balman, and starts seeing her. D.'s relationship for the reason he had a bad game. The Taylors run out to stop the assault and are forced to call CPS. feels betrayed by Coach Taylor for calling CPS and getting his dad in trouble, becoming defiant. Coach Taylor sees this and benches him due to his immaturity and lack of experience. He is not allowed to drink soda or alcohol, eat candy, watch TV, or spend time with girls. He outplays him in practice and in a game at which they both alternated taking snaps. to stop listening to everything his dad says and start having some fun. CPS's involvement puts a strain on the Mc Coy family. Two decades later he had acquired more property round Maitland and elsewhere.By family tradition his eldest son, Andrew (1815-1878), was sent in 1832 with four assigned servants and some Aboriginals to what came to be known as the Narrabri district, acting swiftly after Major (Sir) Thomas Mitchell reached that area in January.Of them perhaps Cyrus Matthew was the most notable.

On 18 October 1814 Cyrus had married Frances Bigger, daughter of a local farmer.

After moving to Maitland Cyrus was active both in community affairs and in extending his holdings.

He held office in the Anglican church, the Hunter River Agricultural Association, the racing club, and on the Maitland Hospital Committee and was chairman of the Maitland Steam Navigation Co.; he won prizes at the Hunter River Show and raced horses.

They lived at Sackville Reach, where Cyrus had bought a farm and built a home which he called Ulinbawn, said to be after the family home in County Wicklow, Ireland. Frances died in July 1827, and in January 1828 Cyrus married Elizabeth Maria, daughter of Andrew Mc Dougall, of Roxburgh Place, Baulkham Hills; they had three children.

By 1833 Cyrus had holdings on the Hunter River and in 1839 he moved his home to Midlorn, Maitland, though he still retained his properties at Sackville Reach.

The family lived first in the Rocks area, and then at Toongabbie where Sophia was granted land in 1804.