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White label dating partner review

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You can select your favorite games, then search for people to arrange a date for you to play the game together.We wanted to not only provide a dating service based on matchmaking for love, but also a hub where you can review, discuss and talk about games.

The features advertised in our prelaunch are all be available.This also means that our team spends all of our time and energy on making a great service.(other than game breaks, of course) We aim to build our service as we grow and until we have a self-sufficient website we have to be realistic.Gamer Dating is as simple as it sounds: an online dating service for Gamers.This service was designed by Gamers to have a no-nonsense approach to matchmaking passionate gamers with like minded Player 2s so you can spend your time having a relationship instead of attempting to convince someone that gaming is a valid hobby.Finding a date using an online dating site or a dating app on a smart phone, is now the norm among singles.

Even the older, more mature singles in search of a partner tends to use a dating app or an online dating website to find a companion.

To join, search and be matched on Gamer Dating is free.

Instead of following the industry standard of charging $30-$60 a month, instead we charge $35 for 2 months, or $70 for 4 months.

Paying for subscription allows you unlimited communication, a Twitter-like feed to share your story and access to all sections of Gamer Dating.

We considered having a free service, our beta was open and free, but realized to take such a venture seriously and keep out trolls and spammers, we’d have to charge.

To explain, validate or prove that gaming is a positive is not required as everyone on this website is already a Gamer!