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In 1962, Martin signed the Liverpool band The Beatles, and during the 1960s, with artists such as Cilla Black, Billy J.

UMG received several offers for PLG, including those from Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, Simon Fuller, a Sony/BMG consortium, Warner Music Group, and Mac Andrews & Forbes.Parlophone Records Limited (also known as Parlophone Records and Parlophone) is a German-British major record label founded in Germany in 1896 by the Carl Lindström Company as Parlophon.The British branch of the company was founded in 8 August 1923 as The Parlophone Co.At the dawn of the rock era, Parlophone signed Humphrey Lyttelton, the Vipers Skiffle Group, Mrs Mills, Jim Dale, Keith Kelly, Peter Sellers, Bernard Cribbins, The Temperance Seven, Laurie London and Shane Fenton, who would sporadically reach the British Top 20 chart.Their only consistently successful act until the "Beat Boom" was teen idol Adam Faith, who was signed to the label in 1959 by Norman Newell, an EMI A&R manager.Parlophone established a master leasing arrangement with the American label Okeh Records, making Parlophone a leading jazz label in the UK.

The CLPGS has published a list of Parlophone titles issued between the years of 19.

The EMI name was retained by Universal (as Virgin EMI Records) whilst the old EMI Records company was legally renamed Parlophone Records.

Soon after acquiring Parlophone, WMG signed an agreement with IMPALA and the Merlin Network (two groups which opposed the EMI/Universal deal) to divest $200 million worth of artists to independent labels in order to help offset the consolidation triggered by the merger.

Ltd., which developed a reputation in the 1920s as a leading jazz record label.

On 5 October 1926, the Columbia Graphophone Company acquired Parlophone's business, name and release library, and later merged with the Gramophone Company on 31 March 1931 to become Electric & Musical Industries Limited (EMI).

The label also achieved placement of seven singles at No. The name Parlophon was used for gramophones before the company began making records of their own.