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Who is dj sbu dating now

I have been studying towards an MBA with Henley Business School for three years. You don’t have a voice if you don’t have ownership. I’m a different Sbusiso from six years ago because I am a father. I am not looking but praying that it will happen in its own time. We had plans to get married but unfortunately it did not work out. I was in a homely environment and seeing my daughter every day and going to church as a family.

His popularity grew so much on the station that in 2005 he was given his own primetime slot called Y-Lens.All the products that you see when you open your cupboard are not owned by black people. When are we going to stop being a consuming nation and start producing? But even in music I was in the music business with my record label. I have had interesting offers but right now the focus is to get Mo Faya running. The launch was held at The Hook UP Dinner (THUD) in Maboneng, Johannesburg, attended by a number of upcoming entrepreneurs who came in their numbers to hear DJ Sbu's story.Mzekezeke received the awards for artist and song of the year, for "S'guqa Ngamadolo" (meaning dance by going down on both knees), at the 2003 South African Music Awards.

Sbusiso Leope, also known as DJ Sbu, was born in May 1979 (36) and is now a successful businessman, record label owner, TV presenter and club and radio jock.

Mpho is one of the many matriculants that I help through my foundation. How could I have already visited his home and given him a bursary before the results came out? They don’t have to assist me but they can give young people hope that if they come up with an innovation, the government will support them. I just want a loving person that respects themselves and believes in God. I am not concerned about what the person does for a living as long as she is an amazing woman with a good heart.

We collect bursaries from companies and link them with the underprivileged students. How many students will your foundation be assisting this year? They talk about supporting entrepreneurs but there is still no action.

We always talk about it but no one is doing anything.

Have you evolved from being an artist to focusing on business?

He explained that that experience birthed the idea of starting his own radio station, and as we all know, Sbu recently launched Massic Metro, an online radio station. We are in the right continent, ripe and full of opportunities.