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Who is ellen degeneres dating now

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And when she said she would like me to give her this award, I was honored and I said, ‘Absolutely.’ Then I realized it was the season finale of , so I hope we’re recording it."When they argue," said an insider, "Portia barely eats." Ellen and Portia in May 2017.

Never follow anyone else’s path, unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path and by all means you should follow that. President Cowen; distinguished guests, undistinguished guests, you know who you are, honored faculty and creepy Spanish teacher.And thank you to all the graduating class of 2009, I realize most of you are hungover and have splitting headaches and haven’t slept since Fat Tuesday, but you can’t graduate ’til I finish, so listen up.And I was living in a basement apartment; I had no money; I had no heat, no air, I had a mattress on the floor and the apartment was infested with fleas.And I was soul-searching, I was like, why is she suddenly gone, and there are fleas here?I did everything from: I shucked oysters, I was a hostess, I was a bartender, I was a waitress, I painted houses, I sold vacuum cleaners; I had no idea and I thought I’d just finally settle in some job and I would make enough money to pay my rent, maybe have basic cable, maybe not, I didn’t really have a plan, my point is that, by the time I was your age, I really thought I knew who I was but I had no idea.

Like for example, when I was your age, I was dating men. Anyway, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and the way I ended up on this path was from a very tragic event.

And I thought if people found out they wouldn’t like me, they wouldn’t laugh at me. Yet, I was getting letters from kids that almost committed suicide, but didn’t because of what I did. And it wasn’t just about me and it wasn’t about celebrity, but I felt like I was being punished and it was a bad time, I was angry, I was sad, and then I was offered a talk show.

Then my career turned into, I got my own sitcom, and that was very successful, another level of success. And the people that offered me the talk show tried to sell it. Most people didn’t want to buy it because they thought nobody would watch me. And as you grow, you’ll realize the definition of success changes.

So I had to break the word down myself, to find out the meaning. I thought that you had to be a famous alumnus, alumini, aluminum, alumis; you had to graduate from this school.

And I didn’t go to college here, and I don’t know if President Cowan knows, I didn’t go to any college at all, any college.

So what I’m saying is, when you’re older, most of you will be gay. I was maybe nineteen, and my girlfriend at the time was killed in a car accident.