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Who is flavor flav dating 2016

who is flavor flav dating 2016-11

In 2016, she appeared on the season five finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with Stevie J.

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Hell I am a 38 year old man and if I had a chance to drill this woman you would call me Bob Vila cause I would be hammering and nailing that puss up in this old house! Former Reality Star (Flavor Of Love) and Model Deelishis is robbing the CRADLE.He had gold teeth and he reminds me of a little black ant, I wouldn’t care how much money he had, he was a mess then and more of a mess now.Just watching these episodes brings you back to Pumpkin spit in New York’s face, when Hottie tried to cook a whole chicken in the microwave, when New York gave her millions on millions of temper tantrums, it was just so many epic situations!! We have had a lot of people doubting us but we will let the evidence speak for itself.Check out this pic of him in her bedroom…THE MORNING AFTER PROM! This young man has pictures of her child in his house, and on many different occasions.Question, when you are a big time booty model, former tv love show contestant, video vixen and mother of two looking for love, where would be the obvious place that you would seek it?

Well if your name is Deelishis you might look for a 16 year old high school boy who himself is a father of a child!

After she won, Hoopz started an on-again, off-again relationship with basketball player Shaquille O’Neal.

Hoopz’s public breakup with Shaq was documented on her new docu-series “It Takes A Sister,” on Oxygen which sucked.

Well, we first have to examine if there really is a relationship here or are we actually just slandering this woman’s name? They dug a grave in that yard and found out that Ms.

As I said and I will keep repeating, black women just want DNA, D*ck N Attention. Deelishis is actually dating this young man and has been dating him since he was a JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL. thang has been dating this man for over 59 weeks (photographic evidence) and that would place their relationship to 15 months ago (ON RECORD) meaning the boy had to be either 16 or 17 years old when they started dating!

A single mother, she manages her daughter’s aspiring singing career now. In 2016, she revealed that her appearance on Flavor Of Love saved her from an abusive relationship.