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Who is jenna marbles dating

Lydia misinterprets one of Lizzie's 21st birthday presents and storms off to Las Vegas for New Years, and eventually begins dating George Wickham.Lizzie discovers the final company she's to visit, Pemberley Digital, belongs to Darcy.

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In addition to the videos, all the characters also have various social media accounts, through which they interact and reveal portions of the story and perspectives that are not necessarily represented in Lizzie's vlogs.Lizzie quickly moves on when it becomes apparent George isn't that into her. Lizzie assumes Darcy must have poisoned Bing's opinion of her sister.Though their relationship had been going well, Bing suddenly leaves for L. Lizzie decides to spend her last semester shadowing at companies, starting with C&C.There she runs into Darcy, who's been asked to monitor the company by his aunt, Catherine.He confronts Lizzie and reveals he's in love with her.After beginning her job at Collins and Collins, Charlotte gets her younger sister Maria Lu a summer internship, who documents the experience in a series of video diaries.

Hosted by Darcy's younger sister Gigi, Pemberley Digital posts demo videos to unveil and promote their new prototype: "Domino," an application that can automatically edit and upload videos recorded on it.

Bing returns to apologize; he discovered Lizzie's vlogs and saw how much Jane cared about him in them, and the two get back together.

Darcy confesses to Lizzie that he still loves her, and the two finally get together.

She furiously tells him she could never love him back, because of his rudeness and how he's hurt George and Jane, accidentally revealing the existence of the vlogs in the process.

After watching them all, he gives her a letter explaining his side of things.

Lydia decides to start her own vlog series while Lizzie is away.