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Who is kd lang dating 2016

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lang, “the 52-year-old ‘Constant Craving’ crooner,” was “dating Heather Edwards, the wife of Canadian oil and gas tycoon N.Murray Edwards, who is estimated to be worth a staggering $2.2 billion.” Since then, the buzz in Calgary is that – – Mr.

Disney teen, Ariana Grande is all smiles when cameras are on but when cameras are off, she treats her staff like crap, she’s vulgar, mean, aloof and she has the biggest ego in all Hollywood!The couple met back in 2003 through a Buddhist teacher -- and registered for a domestic partnership in 2009.According to the settlement agreement, both sides have waived rights to partner support -- and agree to a clean division of property ... takes what's hers (earnings, bank accounts, car, houses), Jamie takes what's hers (not that much).Edwards has a new love interest, and she wants to live in London.Readers can be assured evidentiary standards similar to those that supported the Calgary Herald’s scoop about the impact of tax increases on the Alberta billionaire community have been met in reporting the tidbit of information in this paragraph. Edwards has friends and associates willing to use his changing domestic circumstances to exercise their personal political hobbyhorses.From 2011 to 2016, she was dating her bandmate Camila Grey.

Their relationship first became public when the two were ejected from a Southwest Airlines flight for arguing with a flight attendant who asked them to stop kissing.

London is just a great place from which to oversee a business empire worth a couple of billion, and, anyway, Mr.

Well, you know what Samuel Johnson used to say back in the day when James Boswell was still around to jot down his …

The departure of oil sands and hockey bazillionaire N. Edwards explained to the Globe and Mail in a respectful interview last week, moving there was “based upon a change of scenery.” Period. Edwards was loudly and credulously reported by mainstream media – based on claims by “sources” said to be “familiar with the situation” who preferred not to be identified – to be moving abroad because Alberta’s New Democratic Party Government had raised taxes to a point they became onerous for a billionaire.

Murray Edwards from Alberta had nothing to do with tax rates. As was noted in this space at the time, this narrative really didn’t make a lot of sense if you bothered to compare taxes in the United Kingdom with those in Alberta, not to mention the cost of living in London, a city so expensive even the billionaires there whine about it, with the modest cost of life in Cowtown.

Nevertheless, the fairy tale about Alberta taxes was stated as fact in the Calgary Herald and all the other broadsheet and tabloid editions of the Postmedia Alberta Frankenpaper.