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Who is marc gasol dating

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The scout from the Western Conference talks about his ability to guard one-on-one, while the one from the East raves about his eagerness to forget about his one-on-one matchup and offer weakside help.Mike Conley likes Gasol most when he has the ball in the high post, but a Western Conference executive prefers him down on the block.

People inside the league adore this guy.” I went to Memphis to understand why that gap exists.“Love it.” A couple nights later, I asked a scout from the West. “He’s my favorite center in the league.” In fact, the only thing people can’t agree on is which aspect of Gasol’s game they like most.Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins points to his awareness of spacing on both sides of the floor.As a young player, he was equal parts prodigy and late-bloomer, someone whose physical strengths and weaknesses seemed to cancel each other out.“I could always shoot and pass,” he says, describing his play in Barcelona’s elite youth program.First observation: However much NBA fans across the United States and around the world underrate Gasol, he gets plenty of love in Memphis. They love that he is skilled, just like Pau, but also thicker and often angrier, with tougher defense and a fuller beard.

They love that he excels with or without the ball, that he can help the Grizzlies win whether he scores two points or 20.

“This city embraces anybody who just does their job,” says teammate Zach Randolph, “so Marc fits right in.” He is, after all, one of theirs.

Though a native of Barcelona, Gasol graduated high school in Memphis.

When the brothers were traded for each other in 2008, Memphis reacted with some combination of horror and boredom.

And even today, Marc attracts few All-Star votes and little jersey sales revenue; but if you ask scouts about him, you’ll have a tough time getting them to shut up.

hey are standing in the tunnel at Fed Ex Forum, Marc and Pau Gasol, smiling and nodding and whispering in their native Catalan.