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Who is simon rex dating

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And I’m really pissed at them – which is why I’m suing them.” Simon & Schuster severed ties with the British-born media personality after a video showing him arguing that the age of consent — particularly in the gay community — shouldn’t be a one size fits all policy, sparked protest and controversy.Mr Yiannopoulos argued in the video that there are people younger than that threshold who are capable of giving informed consent, and said that relationships between men and young boys helps those children to discover themselves.

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With close to a million followers collectively, spread out over various social media platforms, Rex is very rich in the high-value currency of social media followers.Far-right media personality Milo Yiannopoulos is suing his former book publisher for “willful and opportunistic” breach of contract, which the publisher says is “publicity driven and entirely without merit.” The lawsuit, filed in the New York Supreme Court, alleges that Simon & Schuster broke contract when they decided against publishing his memoir “Dangerous” amid controversy over a video clip in which Mr Yiannopoulos appeared to defend sexual relationships between men and boys as young as 13 — an interpretation of his remarks that the far-right provocateur says is wrong.Mr Yiannopoulos was forced to self-publish his memoir, which jumped to the top of Amazon charts after release this month, but has since dropped to 10th.As for the comments on giving better oral sex because of a priest, he said that was a joke.Former MTV VJ, television and film actor, comedian, and rap artist Simon Rex is one of the few men who can seamlessly transition between roles.We’re seeing everything pick up and continuing to pick up,” Mr Yiannopoulos told that paper.

“Orders from distributors and retailers are getting bigger, not smaller.

The five-minute interview was one of Shakur’s last before his death. Rex has plans to release the interview on his popular You Tube channel.

I assumed an account of his time at MTV would be laced with wild stories of girls, but Rex was in a relationship for the duration of his two-year tenure as a VJ.

Mr Yiannopoulos later clarified in a statement that he doesn’t support paedophelia, and noted that he may have been sloppy in his wording.

He also said that the video that had gone viral online had been deceptively edited.

Through his various platforms, most boasting nearly 200,000 followers each, real fans of his brand stay loyal.