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Who is tony oller dating 2016

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Continue reading: The Purge Review During a time when the American Dream is available to everyone in a euphoric world where unemployment is at 1% and crime rates are the lowest they've ever been in the US, families everywhere are arming their homes to protect themselves against the impending mayhem. Because the countdown has begun to the one night of the year when their peace ends, when every crime is legal from burglary to murder.It's called The Purge; an official 12-hour annual period that allows a release for the population and keeps people out of prison as all emergency services are suspended.

The 25-year-old superstar brought out the duo to perform their hit “Classic.” Before the guys joined her on stage, Taylor announced that the song “is like the sweetest song a guy could write for a girl.” PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Swift After the show, Taylor took to her Instagram to thank the guys for joining her. @We Are MKTO showed up and 60,000 people sang every word to ‘Classic’ with us! He appeared in the films Beneath the Darkness and The Purge.As The Bell Rings features three original songs recorded by Oller.Want to know what other Nickelodeon guys we are think are hot? We've named who we think are the 18 hottest guys to ever appear on the Nick network. Look at the all the gentlemen we've named and then tell us, do you agree? The network hires talented and hilarious actors, that just-so-happen to be very attractive!

Seriously, the guys on Nick are extremely good-looking!

Some of the hottest guys in Hollywood have appeared on the network.

Avan Jogia, Austin Butler, and Romeo are just a few of the gorgeous guys that have appeared on Nick shows.

But two interlopers get into the house: Zoey's shady older boyfriend Henry (Oller) and a terrified stranger (Hodge) running from an angry mob of tenacious masked anarchists.

As the night progresses, James and Mary's world is ripped apart piece by piece, descending into a state of primal protectiveness that's eerily believable.

When one family board up their home and pray that they will be safe once more, things take a nasty turn when the son opens the doors to a frightened stranger and invites him to take refuge.