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Yet these challenges are only set to increase, with booming life expectancy, a growing population and rising rates of dementia, diabetes, back pain and bad joints putting more and more elderly people in need of care.

The cells are processed in a laboratory to turn them into bone-forming cells, and then injected through the skin into the faulty hip bone tissue to 'regrow' it.Mr Shah says the results could transform the treatment of AVN, which is also found in the knee and shoulder.He adds: 'The prospect of a non-invasive treatment is very exciting, and could have the ability to change people's lives.'AVN patients often use crutches to take the weight off the damaged joint, and must exercise to keep it mobile, but most eventually need surgery called core decompression – part of the inside of the bone is removed to relieve pressure and allow new blood vessels to form.Some 7,635 people were assessed in 1991, and another 7,796 in 2011, and the results has already shown us her acting skills, and we are sure that she is going to be a great actress.It is particularly common in the hip, with 150,000 AVN patients undergoing a total hip replacement in Europe and the US every year.

Radio 4 presenter Jenni Murray, who suffers from AVN, had both hips replaced in 2008.

Alternatively, they have bone grafts, using healthy bone from elsewhere in the body.

Hip replacements are also an option, although as AVN is found mainly in people aged 30 to 50, these are not always recommended as they may need to be replaced several times during the patient's lifetime.

Her low blood pressure rules out many pain medications so she uses hot-water bottles and music for relief.

She says trials like this give hope that she will one day be pain-free.'For me, a hip replacement is the only option now but I can't have it too soon because of my age,' she says.

And a leading specialist says it has the potential to be 'life-changing' for those with bone disease avascular necrosis (AVN).