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Why is my sister dating a loser

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I will wish you the best with your daughter, and mine. I hate to give up hope that my daughter will end up having a happy life, but I do give up 5 minutes at a time it seems like and the next 5 minutes I'm back to hoping she'll stop this nonsense and trying to talk some sense into her. I didn't know she was cutting out right after until it happened.

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She was going to school to get her teaching degree...that's done..quit.Dawn worked hard to earn her master's degree and is now earning a great salary; her fiance has no education beyond high school, constantly switches jobs and uses my sister for financial support.I have spoken to her multiple times in the past about my concerns, and at one point made it clear that I wouldn't attend her wedding.You think I haven't had that enter my mind as well? If I thought there was ' hope', it would be a little easier-I'm just afraid any 'hope' I had is gone. So she's hinting about him sharing Thanksgiving with us..I'm like you...he's not welcome in my home! He ate here that once and other than his drinking story I told, he was a jerk most of the time otherwise.The rest of what you said is exactly mine and daughter/daughter and loser guy's situation too...minus the child. I don't like him, I think he's manipulating my daughter's emotions and I will not participate in helping them bond any further. He couldn't keep his hands off my daughter right in front of us!I do know this is not her 'Prince Charming' like she thought he was.

I can't stand the lies either-she knows the truth will come out sooner or later.

I try to tell her so many disagreements at the beginning of a relationship should tell her to let it go! Before my daughter met this guy she thought anyone who did drugs was a loser. If I thought there was ' hope', it would be a little easier-I'm just afraid any 'hope' I had is gone. I'm in Minnesota-if you are, I'm convinced it's something in the water here! It could still be the water, but I live in Virginia. : D You asked how my relationship is with daughter. They looked like you balled them up and twisted them real tight while they were wet and let them dry that way. His shoes were ratty and he had this deep bottle opener on the sole! And once he used the shoe opener he had to drag the mouth of the bottle out of that hole! By contrast..daughter will not walk out of the house unless her makeup and hair are perfect and her clothes and shoes are stylin'! She has called me every day this time, I don't know why it's different this time, but she has not called today even though she voluntarily told me yesterday she was going to call me again today, and it's PM right now so I figure she's avoiding it because she's not coming home tomorrow like she said and she's not 'ready' to inform me.

This guy tells her he used to do all sorts of drugs but he's clean now..huh, ok....I run a background check on him and find out he has a recent drug record! I'd believe he might be off drugs if he wasn't constantly going without sleep and boucing off the walls all the time. I hope both our daughters get their heads straight soon! Can't write a lot now, but are you sure our daughters aren't one in the same?! Becky Mandee, I just can not get over how alike our daughters are. Yes, my daughter lies over and over about 'them' to make me think they are actually decent people until I find out otherwise. Other than that, I have no clue what's happened to either of us. And he kept wanting to open my husband beer bottle and husband was like....uh, that's ok. I saw some pictures she'd taken from trips with this guy, and he is always a mess! I really hate it when she says she's going to call and then doesn't. I was just there for a week in October-I love it there!

We also want to be happy for our children, yet when they choose paths that lead to nowhere we don't think they are going to end up happy so that's upsetting too. She is the nicest person ever when she's NOT with these 'losers'.

Then to top that off, when our adult children don't seem to care that they are going nowhere we end up lost for words to explain, even to ourselves, how we feel. I told her once, it's like she's 'possessed', and I'm in some kind of science fiction movie.

Just 2 misdemeanors for Pot and paraphenalia, but I showed it to daughter. She says if he was still doing any he's tell her because they have an honest relationship! This guy carries a huge fish gutting knife on his belt that has this keen thing where the sheath turns it into a switchblade function. I don't know if your daughter does this or not, but mine tells boyfriend everything I say about their relationship. :eek: It's incredible to read-I honestly had no idea there were 2 of these girls running around ruining their lives. I didn't trust what she was telling me about this one from day 1, then I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt until I realized none of this makes any sense, and asked her too many questions, I guess. I don't think she's ever gone out with a 'decent' one-she has no idea what it would be like, how it could change her life-for the GOOD for a change. I know, just from my grandson, that things are not 'good' there. It is so Jekyll and Hyde with her-and I don't like who she is now at all. I go from 'ripping' her because I am SO mad, to apologizing for whatever I can think of that I did, to begging, to you name it. I'm at the end of my rope not knowing where to go or what to do any more. That's when I get really worried that she might be hurt. I needed to talk, and I'm sorry you're going through what I am - only worse because of your grandson. SO much to respond to, but have to be with my grandson for a while here-he will leave tomorrow-:(.