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Windows media center library updating

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A ‘Cache Level’ of 2 is a good starting point for users with mid-range computer setups that have an aging CPU, but with SSD drives for sample streaming and plenty of memory (RAM).A list of available drives will appear under ‘Disk Volume’ with their respective ‘Cache Level’ setting to the right.Use the up/down arrows to adjust this level for each drive.To quickly fix this problem, follow this short tutorial to re-build your WMP database in a flash.Windows Media Player will typically import any media files left in the documents folder and any continuing sub folders. If you need to get these audio files into the Windows Media Player library, you need to consolidate the i Tunes media in a single folder and then configure Windows Media Player to scan this folder and import all the tracks into its library. Click "File," select "Library" and click "Organize Library." Select the "Consolidate files" check box and click "OK" to copy all media files in the i Tunes Library to the i Tunes Media folder.

Your entire i Tunes Library is now consolidated in the folder that's listed in the "i Tunes Media folder location" box. Click the "Add" button to open a file browser, click once inside the address bar at the top to select the default path and press "Ctrl-V" to replace it with the path to the i Tunes Media folder.

ITunes, the media player developed by Apple, uses the Library to organize your audio tracks.

If you run a business, the Library enables you to organize training materials for your employees and presentation materials for your clients.

While it's possible to add your music library using a mobile controller, it's best to use a Mac or Windows computer as it will automatically adjust the necessary settings.

The following instructions apply to the Sonos Desktop Controller App for Mac or PC.

Please note that the demands of a given project will the recommended ‘Cache Level’ setting.