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Windows xp constantly updating

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Let’s look at some of the biggest problems with the current Windows Update and a way Microsoft could address each of them.It is with a cheery tone that Forrest Gump famously explains that life is like a box of chocolates, because “you never know what you’ll get.” That is not what we want from our computer when we log in.

I’m lucky enough to have an office full of machines, so I could work on another one. I also found I could download and install the Group Policy editor on Windows 10 Home systems, but some sites warn against that, so do it at your own risk.Sometimes Microsoft relents a little, but for the most part, at least for end-users, update descriptions all look pretty much the same, like the one on the right.Clicking on More Info usually doesn’t actually provide any more detail, just some links about what an Update is and why, along with how like spinach, they are good for you.Unfortunately, Microsoft now forces all sorts of updates — usually after a potentially data-losing reboot — on users without their explicit permission.If this was for the sake of security, that’d be one thing.We could have done a fresh install, but of course the forced update would have crashed it again.

Updates can also cause more subtle problems, including suddenly inaccessible network storage devices, and even the un-announced removal of third-party software Microsoft deems unfit to continue to exist.

Among the dozen or so Windows 10 systems I’ve used and maintained, I’ve had all three happen to me.

Most recently, one older laptop turned out to have a webcam driver that would not work after a forced update.

Microsoft used to provide a lot more of this information, so it is definitely capable of it.

With a billion users, there should certainly be enough R&D money for this relatively straightforward task.

Here is what has changed in ZAES V15 Zone Alarm Extreme Security version 15.123.17051 New: Anti-Phishing Extension Improved: Product update notifications.