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Presenters and attendants alike seemed to enjoy it. The humility at the March Meeting was the highlight in my opinion.

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VOLUNTEER NOW New research shows that Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scouts to develop strong leadership outcomes, have adults in their lives who help them think about their future and pursue goals, and participate in activities that shape their character and open up new worlds to them.On September 20th, 2017 Chris Meyer, the founder and driving force behind Sector67, was seriously injured in a freak accident caused by a propane explosion while working to help build out the new Sector67 facility. Please see our Go Fund Me page for more details of the accident, the project and how you can help.As an intern, I had the pleasure of attending, recording, and editing the February Iron Pour for Sector67.In fact, this is the first video I ever recorded and edited for real viewing purposes.There was hours upon hours of editing involved with making the Iron pour video.Funny thing is, it only runs for about twelve minutes.

The interviews are the best parts of the Iron Pour for me personally because I was able to learn about the people who make it happen.

Excited as the first time I rode the Eagle at Great America, I recorded video and snapped away with my phone camera.

My intentions were to create a video that would be one of the most memorable.

Shira is a Electrical Engineer as well as a member of Sector67 who has also created MOARbots, which we featured in 2015.

The modest engineer spoke passionately about being able to do something beneficial for others. It is a winter art project he affectionately called; “Fireworks”.

It’s all here for you to read more about and much more.