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Wordpress not updating cache

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It would be great if any theme you activated looked exactly like the demo once it was activated?

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I’m sure theme developers and community members are pretty bored of answering these questions over and over again, so I’ve decided to write the following post which addresses some of the most common Word Press theme issues so you can bookmark it and have it ready at your disposal.If you have posts that are now returning a 404 error page, don’t panic (yet) most of the time your posts are still there and you just need to update your permalink settings to fix the issue.This is very common with themes that use custom post types.Whenever you activate a new theme that uses custom post types you should reset your permalink settings.The simplest fix is to just go to and click the save button. But if this doesn’t work you might have to update your .htaccess file manually (note: we do not recommend tackling this on your own if you’re brand new to Word Press, instead you might need to contact a freelance developer for assistance).So when you first setup your website URLS might look ugly (a mish-mash of the post ID, publish date, post title and even the category). So if your urls aren’t looking that great (

p=1) simply go to and change your setting to the “Post Name” option (or any of the others – just choose the one that best works for you).

Locate the folder you have of the theme on your desktop and open it (if it is zipped, unzip and open it).

Now when you open it you should see all your files in there, if not the theme is likely in a sub-directory.

Once found zip it and upload via Word Press or upload the unzipped folder via FTP.

You’ve got your theme installed and now you are uploading a sample file the theme developer was so nice to provide you with and yet again you get an error!

The default Word Press theme has a fallback for the Word Press menu in case there isn’t any setup, however, not all theme developers have added this to their own themes.