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She said she had not heard back from Gabriele the supervisor.Was supposed to return my call the same day I heard nothing. Not much of a surprise I never received a call back. Kirk/Curt 317-692-9643, Ti wanna 317-675-4357, Shrandra 317-675-4470 Cameron 317-675-4946…1-800 44LOWES, Betty, Chasity and Shalonda. At this point we just want the whole house to be re-carpeted.

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The company continued to expand during the rest of the 1950’s. His 5 man executive team decided to take Lowe’s public in 1961. Lowe’s continued to expand and today has over 1700 stores in the US and is also expanding into Canada, Mexico and Australia.Lowe’s was originally founded in 1921 by Lucious Lowe in the form of Lowe’s North Wilkesboro Hardware in Wilkesboro, NC.Lucious died in 1940 and the business was inherited by his daugher, Ruth.Went over problems with him and he said he would try to get someone here to address sink issue so I can get faucet hooked up.They came around 5PM and had to enlarge the holes by drilling to fit the fixture. ** I don’t understand why the holes were not drilled correctly the first time.– Installers arrived after 4PM and within 3 hours removed my old countertop and sink and installed the new (84 square feet).

I thought it would take longer than 3 hours to do a quality job, plus it being the end of the day they were probably tired and wanted to go home.

I had purchased the faucet in advance in order to show the man who came to measure the countertops.

– The plumber had given me his phone number and I called him directly.

I called Tuesday and Wednesday only for the phone number to go to voice mail of a man. My husband and I have been playing phone tag with 5-6 different people on 10/25/2017. I’m not sure that the one who reads this will respond but here goes….

I even called Kirk/Curt because one of the people we talked to said he hadn’t turned anything over to them.. Reanee Moore , Daleville, In 47334 765-620-XXXX Email Rmoore2009 @Hide Ad Ad Feedback Ad Info Reply 8/29/17 – Signed contract for plumbing/countertop project and paid in full – Was told by salesman to call the Project Coordination Team Leader with date of installation when notified by countertop people in order to coordinate with plumber 9/14/17 – Called and asked for my contact, told she wasn’t available.

Left message of installation date with woman answering phone so plumber could be notified.