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Hi friends, I get an email from a warrior I respect a lot and he recommending Authority Pro 3 plugin. Now I am thinking about getting this plugin because of its responsive nature.I have seen that in the past Authority Pro 2 sold for an $97 and we have to pay $97 per year for support and up-gradation.

But having a tool that is easy to use and that allows inexperienced and experienced marketers alike to focus on other activities because they can quickly and easily set up entire sales funnels can and will absolutely help you make more money if you will simply use it. But as you said that you are entitled for your opinion.WP is good for thin affiliate sites and some other similar fixed functionality site, but it is NOT a 'one-size-fits-all type of platform).WP is a very difficult target for hackers, unless it is set up without the recommended safeguards.Wouldn't it help you make money if you've got a site in any niche that's getting any amount of traffic and you could generate lead and offer pages that actually convert and look like a pro did them?You say that it's not useful to you especially if you're only focusing on a few sites.There's so much wrong with this statement, but the short point is, why would it matter if you have one site or 10 sites?

If your business is one site, how would AP have any less of an effect on your business?

Set up with admin as the default administrator and a dictionary word as a password, guarantees being hacked in a day or two. It won't be that useful for you if you will be focusing on a few sites.

That said, after seeing the sales pitch for Authority Pro I see little value. And I can tell you honestly that while it 'does' a lot, the way it is being marketed is NOT accurate. Would it help you make more money if you could suddenly put up great looking pages that clients would be HAPPY to pay you for?

But the new AP3 is a group of plugins and while you will need to learn some things, I believe most will find it pretty easy to use right out of the box, (so to speak). They seem to have qualified support staff that try to be polite, helpful and reasonably responsive (usually they respond with-in 24 hours in my experience).

So as a buyer and user that has nothing to gain, other than my desire to help you know what my personal experience with the product is to help you decide, I highly recommend this product.

And I also know that Pro version 2 is not good one.