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Unfortunately, there are rules and regulations by the IRS that prohibit this.So the answer to the impending question of switching to a gold IRA is yes.

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It is currently being sold around $1,600, compared to just around $250 back in 2001! It’s a bit of a process, but it can be done, and it is relatively easy to do so.Instead, you can spend the rest of your days doing some much needed traveling or playing a few rounds of golf.Before being able to do all of these relaxing activities, you’re going to need a retirement account.Some of them charge an annual fee, while others may charge just a fee per transaction.It is often a good idea to make sure that the account is self-directed, which gives you the most control over your account.The pending question that’s on every IRA owner’s mind is if you can think about gold IRA Rollover. This gold craze is not exactly new, but investors are now more than ever seeing it as a great investment opportunity.

Gold is a precious commodity that is a natural resource and has only increased in value over the years.

You may be relaxed and sitting pretty on a nice 401k and/or an IRA, but you’ve probably been hearing about the gold craze lately.

Have you made a wrong decision to have a cash-based IRA? You did not make a mistake in the original set-up of your IRA, and you made a great decision to get the type of retirement fund that costs you less in taxes.

Gold is a great precious metals IRA to invest in; prices are getting higher by the year, meaning that you get more money when you decide to liquidate your assets.

In addition, gold is less affected by inflation than traditional IRA assets (such as cash).

There are different types of gold that are acceptable to put into an IRA account, such as coins, bars, and yes, even bullions.