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Yahoo adult couples chatting

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I have shared my wife 9 times but have never been the 'other' guy to have someone elses wife.

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Every time I *********** it was always about her with someone else. I'm still barely reeling from the fun we had that night and continue to as we remember details. It started out really crazy, he kept asking me to have sex with another guy while he watched, and I was so turned on by the whole idea of ******* another guy, but really was not into having him watch me do it... It was new years eve, and our friends were recently married as well.We agreed that she should call him to come over for a coffee while I was at work, I had told her that I'd love to think she could let him kiss her and finger her gently.... She sometimes takes an Ambien and I get to have fun with her. I also video her and post her and she doesn't get to see them for several weeks and keeps her guessing as to what others are seeing and commenting enjoy her...being bisexual, to see another man enjoying my wife, but I was afraid of my gut reaction.and I had 3 of my friends over who have never been in any situation with my wife and I. all my friends went to grab something to eat and then we headed back to the birthday friends house to...We were all having a good time on my deck with music playing and drinking tons of beer when my wife comes home drunk from her girls night. Here is a story from about 3 years ago after hubby first convinced me to start playing with other guys.I have asked her to do this for me, but she says no... My husband had been asking for quite some time to watch me have sex with another man, I was very open to exploring with other men, but was not ready to have my husband watch at first. My wife accepted recently to meet a nice young guy from EP for a cup of coffee.

The conversation was varied but touched a lot of the subject of sexual fantasies. I had always had a fantasy about sharing her since we dated.

This is a true and accurate account of that wonderful night of wife sharing can come out of blue with out anytime.

That time was my dear wife and our of my closest friends. Story starts a few years ago when we were on a big deer lease in North Texas up around the Red River, were we were on a lease with my cousin and about 10 other friends some couple's and a few single buddies.

When it happened I was surprised that it didn't bother me at all, in fact, it excited me so much I can't tell you.

We have had dozens of mmf 3soms since and am looking forward to our next...

We had just entered the lifestyle by browsing websites and went to a party or two, but we had not met with anyone other than that. and I went out for drinks on her birthday, While out we met up with some friends and got pretty drunk, We went home after and my best friend came with us, When we got home we had a few more drinks and my wife was drunk and complaining about her body, My best friend Jody told her...