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Young female adults old men chat rooms

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Colibri General Questions Moderator My question is whether are there any purportedly underage girls trolling chatrooms for sex with older man who are not in fact police informants.Less flippantly, is there any information about how many actual young children are actually seduced (or have attempts to seduce them made) like this, as opposed to the percentage of them that are police officers or agents. Just because you get a weirded-out feeling, I'm not sure that your response is useful in General Questions.

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He was convicted and sentenced to the mandatory minimum term of five years.Are there any 13-year-olds interested in anyone 1.5 generations or more older than them at all?I remember when I was 13, and someone even three years older than me seemed in a different world.When I informed said individual that I'd be glad to chat them, but wouldn't be interested in meeting up with them until they were both employed and the year was 2008, the interest there fizzled. I doubt it, since none of the stings I've seen reported involved the cops messaging the subject FIRST. It's been 8 years since I was 13 and hopping Yahoo chat rooms, but I know I only liked meeting new people to talk about Nirvana and how cute Edward Norton was with.Was said person really the age and gender in question? Definitely no dating and I barely knew anything about sex.What drives them to seek 14 y/o mates is another issue.

When I was in HS I knew at least 5-6 girls with "college guys", some in their mid 20's, for boyfriends, many dopers could name a bunch of similar scenarios.

Man, that has to be about the weirdest question I have read recently. What are you trying to do, compute the odds of getting caught? Since you seem to know("Of course there are") the answer to Billdo's question, it would be helpful to provide a link in the thread.

You want to know if there are actual 13 year olds out there soliciting sex who are not cops? If you have a problem with the poster and his question, start a thread in the appropriate forum.

samclem Moderator, General Questions [Moderating] Zambini57, I don't think this kind of comment is necessary here.

Colibri General Questions Moderator I can recall back in...

Many of the behaviors and preferences for mature stable mates are already in place in 13-14 y/o girls, they are after all biologically speaking, ready to reproduce.