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(The NYU Langone survey found that 20 percent of the women who froze their eggs were unsure if they definitely wanted children in the future.) However, they didn’t want to lose the option.

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The impact depends on why women decided to freeze their eggs in the first place: Did they pursue freezing because the relationship was too new?Because they were with someone for a time but uncertain about the future of the relationship?Or were they married but not ready to start their families?As soon as women who freeze their eggs get the confirmation that they’re safely stashed away, most report an instant psychological boost.There’s nothing quite like emerging from the anesthesia and feeling sheer relief that the aging of your eggs has been stopped cold.These are possibilities, but the question has not yet been studied.

And what do men think when women freeze their eggs? More than 60 percent of women in the NYU Langone study disclosed their frozen fertility with their dates and were met with “positive and supportive reception.” Of course – it takes the pressure off of them.

When you freeze your eggs, you won’t know until you try to thaw them years later whether they will help you conceive a baby.

In the meantime, you can’t help but wonder how it will influence other areas of your life.

Actually, most of the women I know go out of their way not to reveal their fertility time crunch to dates. ” say dating columnists.) Still, the pressure can be unbearable. I’ve observed that it comes in stages: First comes a delicious “I don’t care” liberation.

You used to feel as if you had years to find the right parenting partner, and now you’re down to months. while you check your phone to see if Thursday’s date texted back. A year before, you wouldn’t have considered Thursday’s date in the first place.

But what everyone really wants to know: Will egg freezing make it easier to date?