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It's like you should've just stayed in your band and made it the best, I mean it's not always that easy, but I was just stoked that it happened to sound different, 'cos it wasn't like "Wow, he just wants to make Paramore kind of music without being in the band." Everyone's been really cool about that.Since you've come back to doing small venues after having done the whole mega stadiums run, would you say you prefer lowkey settings better? There's nothing like playing for a whole lot of people in festivals, it's just like cool, it's an experience in itself, but there's also nothing like playing in a small club, the intimacy of it. For Halfnoise, it's definitely cool to play small venues.

How have you been received by fans who knew you from your past projects?And the thing is, me and my producer play almost every instrument, so even though it's great having friends perform with me, there's no real need for anyone else during the creative process, I just really want it to remain this safe space I can create in.Having someone else could be cool, but it could also affect it and make it into something I wouldn't want it to become.Can you speak to your vision behind the sound of this EP? The song writing in the 60s seemed so direct and that really spoke to me. For me, it’s very similar to women - super hard to figure out but once you get the shot in focus there’s nothing better, haha. I still listen to a lot of 60s music - Beatles, Stones, Kinks.I wanted the Velvet Face to feel like you’d already knew it and at the same time wanted it to feel current and new. But new bands I’m into are Mac Demarco, The Babe Rainbow, Francois Virot. Besides pals coming over and adding a few guitar lines or percussion bits here and there, the producer Daniel James and I performed everything.But I really like Richard Linklater, the guy who did Dazed and Confused and Everybody Wants Some!! Like Dazed and Confused happens on the last day of school, so the whole movie is just one day.

Boyhood they had to shoot over 12 years, which is crazy, but that's kind of like how I like to write music too, I try to fit everything into one day and that's like a song, so I really relate to that, but in terms of aesthetics Wes Anderson definitely takes the cake.

Well, good news, we've teamed up with HALFNOISE for an autographed analog bonanza!

One lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a signed Diana F camera as well as signed copy of The Velvet Face on vinyl.

I also felt really connected to old French music too, which made me connect to that place and man, you should listen to the French pop playlist on Spotify, it's so cool, it's like all these amazing old French pop songs and it's so dope. and I'm like "Damn, I could definitely move here," and then I come back home and it's like I could never leave, 'cos there's just so many cool people there.

What's your relationship to Nashville like, what's your relationship with home? My favorite thing is to just hang with people, just be around people, just hanging around and having a laugh.

I also bought a sitar guitar and that was super fun to play as well.